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CrashCarBurn – Best Rock Album SAMA nomination

CrashCarBurn’s ‘Headlights’ album has been nominated a SAMA award in the Category “Best Rock Album”. Click here to see the other nominees

I am so stoked to have worked on such an awesome album with a great group of guys. 11 of 12 songs were mixed, and all songs were mastered, by myself. The album was recorded by Jacques Du Plessis @ High Seas studio and he also mixed one of the tracks.

Uncut – Leviathan

Uncut have just released a Leviathan (Ok… shitty pun). So stoked to have worked on this track with the guys!

Someone once told me that great bands often remind you of two other bands that you love. In this case its a list as long as my arm.

Dustland Express EP on Itunes and Spotify

Blast from the past! I mixed this EP for the the Dustland Express boys in 2009. They have just released it on Itunes and Spotify.

Hurricane, what a track!

Black Moscow – Disfeature

Black Moscow have just released the video for their track Disfeature.
Produced by Black Moscow, recorded by Rob Ruhrmund and Luke Otto. Mixed and mastered by Chris Brink

CrashCarBurn – Cool For The Summer

CrashCarBurn have just released this video of them in studio, recording their cover of the Demi Lovato track Cool For The Summer.
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Brink

Dead Days – Liar Liar

The boys at Dead Days have just released the first single ‘Liar Liar’ from their new album.
Had a great time working with them on it. Mixed and mastered by myself.

Here is the video:

Or, give it a spin here:

Dead Days Liar Liar

Hunter As a Horse – Fallen Leaves

Music is one thing that I understand the most clearly but still manages to remain mysterious and magical to me.

Hunter as a Horse is band that really embodies this feeling. I am really honoured that the band chose me to mix this single.

Listen to “Fallen Leaves” on Soundcloud:

Or, on iTunes :

Volume 1 of “The Two Magics” will be out 22 April

Hunter as a Horse

Hunter as a Horse

Savage Lucy Reverie album

Had a great time mixing and mastering the Savage Lucy Reverie album. That album artwork is the business!
Have a listen to it (and buy it)

Savage Lucy Reverie Artwork

Savage Lucy Reverie Artwork

CrashCarBurn Video – Satellite

Wow, check this video out. That shot of the moon really blows me away!

Really enjoyed working on this track, the song was mixed and mastered by myself.

CrashCarBurn – Pay Back the Money

Here is a new tune from the CrashCarBurn guys – Pay Back the Money.

Mixed and Mastered by myself.