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Dustland Express – New Music Video!

Awesome new video by the Dustland Express! Music was mixed and mastered by myself.

CrashCarBurn Keep Walking video

Great new video by the CrashCarBurn guys! Music was mixed and mastered by myself.

Pestroy – The Speed of Dark

Pestroy - Speed of dark

The new Pestroy album is being released today!

I am so stoked to have been involved in this project. Besides for mastering the album I got to mix two tracks on it.

Go download it on iTunes!

NINA – We Are The Wild Ones – Video

Always love seeing the music videos for tracks I have worked on.
Mixed by Paul Gala and mastered by myself.

The video also got reviewed on the Huffington Post. Check it out here

The Poverty of Ideals – Barriers album

Check out the new Poverty of Ideals album. Awesome instrumental metal! Re-amped, mixed and mastered by myself.

Nina – Wild Ones master

Nice track I got to master for the guys at Aztec records.

Pestroy – The Speed of Dark Part 1 Album Mastering

The new Pestroy album is just about to be released, the first track ‘The Flaw’ is now streaming online. Mixed by Craig Hawkins, mastered by myself.

Really enjoyed working on this project. Go check out the guys here:

Shortstraw win MK Award for One Long Day

Massive congratulations to Shortstraw for winning a ‘Best Indie Band’ MK Award for their track ‘One Long Day’. Not bad for a track that was recorded in a bedroom!
Edited, re-amped, mixed and mastered by myself.

Feared Mixing Competition

This is my entry to the Feared Mixing Competition.
Guitars re-amped with a 2010 Mesa Dual Rectifier blended with a boosted JCM800.
The Bass was sent through the Darkglass B7K.

Fun track to work on!

Days On Juno – Nolly’s Mixing Competition

It’s not every day that you get to take a look at a top notch production, never mind having a crack at mixing it!

Mr Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood is quite a generous guy and set up this mixing competition.

I’m quite the gear head so here are a few of the bits of gear I used on the different stems:

  • Vocals: Retro 176 -> Purple Audio MC77 -> Gyraf G14 EQ
  • OH, Rooms, and Snare & Tom room tracks -> UREI 1178
  • Bass: Darkglass B7K bass pedal (No compression)
  • Mix buss: GSSL -> Gyraf G14 EQ
  • Drum Reverb -> Bricasti with a short room verb
  • Used a lot of the Steven Slate VCC and VTM plugs on the guitars and drums.

Fun times!