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Savage Lucy Reverie album

Had a great time mixing and mastering the Savage Lucy Reverie album. That album artwork is the business!
Have a listen to it (and buy it)

Savage Lucy Reverie Artwork

Savage Lucy Reverie Artwork

CrashCarBurn Video – Satellite

Wow, check this video out. That shot of the moon really blows me away!

Really enjoyed working on this track, the song was mixed and mastered by myself.

CrashCarBurn – Pay Back the Money

Here is a new tune from the CrashCarBurn guys – Pay Back the Money.

Mixed and Mastered by myself.

Tweak – A Team

Remember that time I was in a band? Yeah I almost didn’t either!

A new single 10 years later!

Mixed and Mastered by myself, and also ‘happened’ to play some bass and guitars on the track.

Stand Alone – Lumberjacked

Here is the first single from the Stand Alone EP – Lumberjacked.
Mixed and Mastered by myself.

Grab yourself a free download here:

CrashCarBurn – Rock n Roll Reverie

The CrashCarBurn guys just released another great track – Rock n Roll Reverie! Music was mixed and mastered by myself.

Hunter As a Horse – Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)

Download a free copy of this awesome Hunter As a Horse cover of Smashing Pumpkins ‘Disarm’ below…
Music mixed by Paul Gala, mastered by myself.

Hunter as a Horse – Tomorrow Never Knows

Some chilled jams by Hunter as a Horse – ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’
Music mixed by Paul Gala, mastered by myself

Hunter As a Horse – The Train

Nice video for ‘The Train’ by Hunter as a Horse
Music mixed by Paul Gala, mastered by myself

Rickard Olausson – End In Sight EP

End in sight

Great songs, epic EP, listen to it now!
Really happy to have mixed this.

I met Rick through Instagram a while ago and found some of his songs on soundcloud. I was blown away at how amazing his tracks were and knew I needed to have a crack at mixing them.

We got talking online and I found out that Rick was a drummer but ‘dabbled’ in other instruments. By ‘dabbled’ I really mean ‘slayed’. Rick plays drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, and sings – and well!

After a months of working on this EP in our spare time it has finally been released.

Go listen to it now, download it and share it.

Played, recorded and produced by Rick
Mixed and mastered by myself.